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Pastor Vahik Haddadian

Vahik Haddadian I was born in 1961 in Tehran, Iran. My two younger siblings and I were raised by my loving parents and maternal grandfather. Growing up, my father’s work as a truck driver, demanded long periods of absence; so my mother, a born-again believer, faithfully attended church services and took all three of us children along with her. God’s Word was always in the center of our family life. I was taught all the well-known Bible stories and faithfully attended Sunday school. Throughout my junior high and high school years, God protected me from bad influences.  By God’s grace, my teenage years were calm and uneventful. I enjoyed a healthy relationship with my parents and particularly with my grandfather. Unlike the youngsters in my circle, I enjoyed spending my hours following my grandfather wherever he went, whether it was a prayer meeting, a visit to a church member, a social church gathering, or one of his work-related business meetings.  My grandfather, who served as the pastor of a local Armenian evangelical church, greatly impressed my young mind. I often observed him sitting in the living room reading his Bible, and I was greatly impressed when upon waking up in the late hours of the night I often saw him praying on bended knees by the same living room couch.  Yet, despite such amazing upbringing, I had not yet understood that I was born a totally depraved sinner, neither had I been told that I was under God's wrath, fully liable for the sinful condition of my soul.  Although I had learned that the wages of sin is death and that the unregenerate is condemned to spend eternity in hell, I did not realize that I too was an unregenerate soul.  Relying upon my Christian upbringing and godly family heritage, I thought I had high standing with God.In the summer of 1974, by God’s providence, an Armenian evangelist from Argentina came to visit our church in Iran.  He preached the Gospel of salvation every evening for an entire week and many came to hear God’s Word, including myself.  God spoke to me vividly through him as he boldly preached that all men are born sinners, including myself, and the lake of fire awaits those who die unsaved.  I realized that my good upbringing did not grant me a passport to heaven. By the time he finished his sermon, the Holy Spirit, by His divine act of mercy, had regenerated my dead spirit to life.  I saw my wretchedness and understood that I too was a condemned sinner.  At the conclusion of the service the evangelist asked if the power of the Word of God had touched anyone in the congregation.  Certainly it had touched me! I mustered enough courage to approach the evangelist after the service.  He led me into prayer, and by faith, I put my trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, repented from my sins and asked God to be the Lord of my life. I was certain at that very moment that His blood had cleansed me from all my sins, and that He had justified and adopted me into His family. Although I did not experience any supernatural feelings at that very moment, but I knew for sure and trusted fully in the Lord, that God by His mercy and grace had regenerated me. It brought me great peace to know that "… there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus." (Romans 8:1) In the late 70’s, by means of God’s mighty providential hand, the Lord led me to the country where I now live, the United States.  At that time, I felt led to pursue my education in the field of Electrical Engineering.  Alongside my education, I joined a local Armenian church and served faithfully in the youth ministry.  As my passion for ministry grew, I took various theological and ministerial courses in a local Armenian Bible college and later at a local seminary.  After graduating from Engineering school, I began my career as an electrical engineer, and to this day I continue working as the Lord provides for the needs of our family. In the summer of 1985, the Lord brought Lidia, a godly and lovely lady, into my life.  In 1987, we were married and God granted us with four beautiful children. We have also been blessed with a wonderful son-in-law and a precious grandson. Through the years it was clear that God had called me to teach and preach His precious Word. Ministry opportunities were opening for me in various local Armenian churches. I had the privilege to serve as a Sunday school teacher, youth leader, outreach ministries volunteer, lay preacher, teacher, itinerate preacher, and elder.  By God’s grace, in 2002 the Lord called us to serve Him in an Armenian congregation in Glendale, California, where I was officially ordained as the pastor of that church.  The Lord blessed the ministry and His purposes were accomplished in the course of eight very busy and yet fruitful years of service within this local congregation.  In October of 2010, the Lord led a group of fellow believing elders and deacon brothers and myself to found Armenian Reformed Bible Church in Burbank, CA.  I truly feel privileged and greatly blessed to serve the Lord as the pastor of His precious flock. Though still employed as an electrical engineer, it is my passion and calling to serve God whenever and wherever possible and to preach His word and to teach the truth of Scriptures to everyone.  Together with my precious wife Lidia and our children, we seek to serve the Lord with all our might till the glorious return of our Lord Jesus Christ. Sola Gloria Deo Vahik Haddadian

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